Process Apothecary



This gorgeous 1960s large brass swan bowl is a unique find. Filled with 10 ounces of our "Salt of the Earth" scent and four wicks, this candle will make any space bright and welcoming.

Scent Profile: cardamom, orange peel, sea salt, palm, amber, light musk.

Refill or repurpose Odette as a catch all, succulent garden planter, or decorative piece. Please help us in our efforts to reduce landfill waste!

Curated, vintage, and second hand vessels are prized for their individuality and may have acquired markings, patina, and/or scratches during their lifetime. Pieces from our Curated Collection are non-refundable. However we will gladly accept returns in the unfortunate event that a vessel is damaged during transit or if the candle does not burn properly. Please send photos for return eligibility. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs.